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Progress To Democratise Viet Nam

Đăng bởi Khoi 8406 vào Thứ Năm

Progress To Democratise Viet Nam
of Bloc 8406

(In 4 Stages & 8 Steps)

Viet Nam, August, 22nd 2006
Stage I:
Realise Freeddom Of Speech And Press
To Lay The Foundation
Of Other Human Rights & Civil Rights.

1- Step 1 :

During last few decades, many Vietnamese Citizens even members of the Communist Party of Viet Nam as well as Democratic Activists have critically been fighting – by any way - for human rights, democracy, freedom for Vietnamese People : freedom of speech, freedom to establish trade union, association and party, religious freedom… On 22 Feb 2006, 4 Catholic Priests declared an Appeal for the Rights to freedom of speech and information titled “We are no longer afraid. We ought to know the Truth.” As a result, on 23 Feb 2006, the first time, hundreds of domestic Vietnamese Fighters simultanously signed in The Declaration of Freedom of Speech and Information for Vietnamese.

2- Step 2 :

On 8 Apr 2006, The Manifesto on Freedom and Democracy for Viet Nam in 2006 was solemnly made public to Vietnamese People and International Community. On the basic of this Manifesto, Bloc 8406 was established, it has been quickly developing stronger and stronger and has gained tremendous support from domestic Countrymen, Overseas Vietnamese and International Community.

- On 15 Apr 2006, The first issue of a bi-weekly magazine Freedom of Speech” was circulated simultanously in many cities in Viet Nam.

- On 15 Aug 2006, The first issue of a spacial magazine “Freedom and Democracy” was planned to have been in circulation in Ha Noi by some Peaceful Democratic Fighters.

- Intensifying the struggle to regain freedom of speech and information completely abolished under the communist regime in Viet Nam more than last 50 years for the whole Vietnamese People; encouraging individuals and organisations to bravely and publicly read newspaper and use other means of popular mass media; triving to have these publications diplayed and sold at news-stands and bookstores.

Stage II:
Reactivate, Establish & Develop
Non-Communist And Democratic Political Parties

3- Step 3 :

Besides non-communist and democratic political Parties secretly acting in Viet Nam for a long time, the flourishing of movement struggling for human rights, civil rights, democracy in Viet Nam and the birth of Bloc 8406 have promoted some of non-communist and democratic political Parties to reactivate and other non-communist and democratic political Parties to publicly appear with their headquarters, offices, press agencies and other means of popular communication and media.

4- Step 4 :

Reactivated and newly established political Parties will publily state their Platforms, Guiding Principals and Objectives to the People in order to attract the support of the common Citizens, admit more members, build their infrastructure, develop, consolidate and perfect their organisation. Then Bloc 8406 will put an end to its activity and transfer its role to the political Parties.

Stage III

Compile New Temporary Constitution
& Hold A Referendum

5- Step 5 :

Political Parties should unify into one or more allies to put pressure on Viet Nam communist authorities to establish a Compilation Council of Temporary Constitution consisting of Representatives from all political Parties, social Organisations and Religion which desire to nominate their Representatives to participate.

6- Step 6 :

Hold a Referendum on the New Temporary Constitution and Declare The Temporary Constitution.

Stage IV

Accomplish The Democratisation In Viet Nam

7- Step 7 :

Establish a Council to impliment New and Temporary Constitution ratified by the whole People, establish a Council to Organise the first term Democratic National Assembly Election including Committees : election law compilation Committee, Committee of organising election and counting the votes, international inspection Committee…; Make first term National Assembly Election fair, free, and civilised.

8- Step 8 :

The first Democratic National Assembly will compose and ratify the Official Constitution, choose the National Name, National Emblem, National Flag, National Anthem,… and make the Official Constitution become true in the whole People’s life.

Interim Representatives of Bloc 8406
consisting of 1,872 Peaceful Democratic Fighters
and tens of thousands of Members living inside Viet Nam :

Do Nam Hai, Engineer, Sai Gon.
Tran Anh Kim, Former Army Officer, Thai Binh.
Father Nguyen Van Ly, Catholic Priest, Hue, 69 Phan Dinh Phung, Hue, Viet Nam.


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